Easy Fishing Access To The Boise River

Fish in lake

Why Choose Fly Fishing with Bish?

Well, how about I am a seasoned fly fisherman with decades of knowledge and experience. I started at the age of 12 on Bishop Creek, Bishop California. We lived on Bishop Creek. I had the fishing all to myself on any given day.

With a fiberglass fly rod I would seek out hellgrammites and grasshoppers as purchasing flies at the fly shop was not in my budget. So, every bug I used was natural and fresh…in most cases still alive. Back in those days, it was all catch and keep. Our freezer was always full. Today, the fish always go back.

My fly fishing resume contains thousands of hours stalking and catching trout. Today, my passion centers on the opportunity to relate my fishing experience to beginners. An additional benefit is the student’s ability to step into the Boise River and apply “Lessons Learned” on the water.


Why Small-Group Fly Fishing Lessons?

Well, I just recently retired myself after 14 plus years in a local fly shop. During that tenure, I would often find myself giving casting instruction, or generally answering any and all questions related to fly fishing. So I became very comfortable with fly fishing newbies as well as experienced fishermen (and fisherwomen too). On many occasions, I was asked to provide a private lesson. So that started the journey.

I believe a tutorial approach to teaching is beneficial to the learning process. It is for this reason that I limit attendance to one, two, possibly three people. This approach enables me to focus on each student, which further enhances their learning experience.


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Why Do I Teach Fly Fishing for Beginners?


It is widely known amongst avid fly guys that on any day the therapeutic value of being in or on the water is immeasurable. I have witnessed firsthand this special therapy at work when fishing with “wounded warriors” as well as with cancer patients. So my mission is to help people new to fly fishing learn the basics, overcome the inevitable intimidation factor, step into the water with confidence, apply the knowledge learned, and focus on the moment. An individual’s attention becomes completely consumed by the task at hand. All the day-to-day nonsense that we all experience fades into the background. The excitement of catching a fish, being in or near the water, and the surrounding beauty that nature provides is magical.